Hello everybody! Welcome to the official Clover Comics website.
First off, for those of you who might not know exactly what Clover Comics is let me explain:
Clover Comics is a comic book company based out of Oakville, Ontario.
We started as a web-zine of sorts on May 6th 2006 and have now moved on to publishing "real" comics!
On this site you will find lots of fun features that will let you have a better look behind the "Multi-Cloverse"
and behind our little operation, so go ahead and explore, we have bios of our characters, exclusive web comics
and news updates from yours truly.

Editor-in-Chief, William Papple Erskine July 2nd 2006.

Postscriptum: I would like to thank Spencer Coons for doing the majority of the actual work on the site.

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